What Makes Owning a Home Care Franchise a Rewarding Experience

SYNERGY HomeCare was founded on a passion for helping others and providing exceptional, compassionate care. We believe that there is joy and personal reward in serving others and our franchisees share our views. When you choose to join us as a franchise partner, you’ll help others lead fuller lives and ultimately have a positive impact on your community. Continue reading to learn more about why owning a home care franchise is a rewarding experience.


Our franchisees have a lot to offer and, at SYNERGY HomeCare, we’re committed to providing the guidance and resources that are necessary to grow a business that serves every community we become a part of. When you partner up with us, you’ll experience the joys of building connections and the rewards of helping others live their best lives. Your life will be just as enriched as theirs.

Given our senior population, the services you provide as a home care franchise owner will be even more essential. With us, the difference you make in the lives of your clients will be unlike anything else, making this a uniquely rewarding experience.


SYNERGY HomeCare is proud of the support we provide our franchisees. Our guidance, resources, and overall attentiveness are what help make becoming a home care franchise owner with us all the more rewarding. Our innovative and comprehensive training and support combined with your empathy and drive will help fuel your dream of building and growing a home care business your clients and their families can count on. From our brand marketing to our proven model and national referral partnerships, SYNERGY HomeCare makes it our mission to help our franchisees.

Additionally, the culture of learning we cultivate, along with our collaborations and personal relationships are all unique to our home care business and not typically found in mega-franchise systems and small business groups. We’re not only dedicated to serving our clients, but also to ensuring our franchisees have what they need to run their home care franchise as smoothly as possible. It’s part of what makes being a franchisee with us a rewarding experience and why so many are excited to be part of our franchise family.


Helping others is a fulfilling experience that can bring immense joy and make a meaningful difference in our communities. If you are passionate about providing the best care and facilitating better, happier lives, consider franchising with one of the most trusted names in the home care industry – SYNERGY HomeCare. We’re looking for driven, compassionate entrepreneurs like you. Schedule a call with us today to request more information about this business opportunity, so you can begin the process of opening a home care business with us. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your goals!