Home Care Entrepreneurship: The Time Is Now

The care industry is not just about helping older adults. With SYNERGY HomeCare, you have a proven business model that cares for all.

Most people have a care story, whether they cared for their spouse or helped their grandparents when they visited. These stories stick with us as we advance in our careers.

If you have a story of your own that has propelled you toward entrepreneurship in this space, look no further than SYNERGY HomeCare.

Demographics of the care population

Caregiving is not just an isolated or exclusive need to older adults, the need for care is all-inclusive.

Let’s examine who needs care at a high level. According to AARP, 90% of people 65+ want to age in place and stay in their communities for as long as possible. With that desire in mind, 70% of seniors will need some form of long-term care support, making home care the ideal choice.

Aside from seniors, there are many children and adults living with disabilities and chronic conditions who need support too. 61 million Americans are living with disabilities, including 1 in 4 adults.

A shortage of providers available to meet current and future care demands

10,000 members of the Baby Boomer generation are turning 65 every day. That number is going to continue to grow over time.

With innovation and technology advancements, we’re living longer. That need calls for intelligent, business-minded entrepreneurs like you to lead the charge. Now is a great time to open up a home care agency, because you can say yes to families in need, with the support of a large network.

Home care services also solve a critical need in hospitals. These care teams create a safe discharge pathway for clients to avoid spending more time in the hospital than necessary and get them home where they’re comfortable.

Opening a home care agency can also reenergize your local community, and give back to those who have already served. Veterans represent a group in need of care services through the VA, but many are unaware of the benefits that exist to assist them, or how to go about receiving those services.

Why an in-home care franchise is the perfect business for you

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we have more than 200 franchises spanning 480 territories across the country. Since inception in 1999, SYNERGY HomeCare has a proven business model dedicated to helping people do good while being good, a mantra that carries through to every caregiver, client, and franchise partner.

SYNERGY HomeCare has been honored to be the fastest growing home care franchise in America for the past three years. We owe a great deal of that success to the amazing quality of our franchise partners, paired with a growing demand for care services and caregivers wanting to work with those clients.

The services that home care providers assist with expand far beyond the client.

Home care:

  • Gives partners the peace of mind to work and enjoy leisure time outside of the home
  • Provides the sandwich generation (people who care for parents and children) the ability to balance those responsibilities
  • Relieves the healthcare system of unnecessarily long hospital visits due to the absence of a continuum of care

With SYNERGY HomeCare, you have a proven business model that’s constantly growing and innovating. We recently announced the launch of our Disability Care program, and prior to that, we launched Concierge Care (our hospital discharge program) and revitalized our Memory Care offering.

Join the SYNERGY HomeCare family
Opening a home care franchise with us means that you get a reliable and proven business model, and a group of national partners that already recognize your name.

The time has never been better to open a home care agency. With a growing demographic of older adults, and a consistent need for adults and children living with disabilities who need care, families need your help. Give back to your community in a way that makes a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Ready to take the first step towards starting your own home care franchise? Contact SYNERGY HomeCare today to learn more about our franchising opportunities and how we can support you in realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.