The Gift of Compassionate Care: Discover the Rewards of Becoming a SYNERGY HomeCare Franchise Owner

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we’re focused on helping you do well while doing good. It’s our mantra around here.

And for faith-based entrepreneurs or faith-driven people who want to start a business, many will find that their desire to serve is aligned with our mission to provide care for all with whole hearts and open arms. Here are a few ways that SYNERGY HomeCare can support your faith journey.

Aligning Your Faith With Your Business

As you evaluate your options to start a franchise business, being able to stay true to your beliefs and faith is top of mind. You can do that here.

Values of servitude are central to both faith and how SYNERGY HomeCare operates. Our core values are:

  • Compassion
  • Drive
  • Commitment
  • Inclusion
  • Joy
  • Integrity

You will feel a balance of business drive and emotional compassion from each of the teams that you’ll engage with during your ownership of a SYNERGY HomeCare franchise. This includes our vast network of franchise partners nationwide, who enjoy helping their peers, like you, succeed.

What drives us at SYNERGY is you. The care that your team provides is essential and starts from our franchise support center to you, the franchise owner. This reverberates the core of your “why” and will be influential in the reasons your caregivers will want to work with you.

As a franchisor, our drive is to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to start your home care business on the right foot.

Our commitment to you is equipping you with the skills and knowledge to make decisions that move your business forward. In turn, you’ll lead each team member and caregiver with the same commitment. You will also have a dedicated franchise business consultant who will guide you through each step.

Being inclusive is a priority for us. This means giving you the individualized support you need. No two businesses are the same. They have the same parts and structures, yes, but your business operates in a unique way for your local market to thrive. When you buy into the SYNERGY HomeCare brand, you tap into a nationwide network of peers and support across more than 480 territories.

Joy is at the very core of what we do. Home care enables clients of all ages to experience moments of joy. These types of services are soul-filling and give back to your community in a way that keeps you coming back every day.

Values of servitude center around integrity. You own what you do, and with the nature of care work, integrity and trust are essential. When you establish a culture for your business around faith, our teams will support and serve you with integrity.

Faith Can Drive Your Business Forward

Faith-based principles will guide your leadership style and intuitively steer your business in the right direction. Values of service are what drive many caregivers to work in this industry.

Caregivers of faith may be looking for a workplace that gives them a sense of purpose. By extension, a purpose-driven culture keeps them around. Your values are key to differentiating your business from competitors when it comes to caregiver recruiting and retention, as well as client recruitment and retention.

When you share that your business is a faith-based business, that is a key point that clients and families take note of. Faith can play a role in consumer spending and decision-making.

Research from American Insights found that faith-based consumers are a growing but largely untapped cohort that spends $2 trillion annually.

Enabling older adults to age in place with caregivers who are service-driven in their careers is an invaluable opportunity. Now is perhaps the best time ever to explore business ownership in this space, where the demand is growing significantly.

Start or continue business ownership with the fastest-growing franchise in the home care space while integrating your spirit of servitude.

The Gifts Of Care-Based Entrepreneurship

Business ownership is incredibly rewarding, and your impact with a home care business is even greater.

Some of the benefits of home care ownership:

Personal Development: Meeting caregivers, clients, and families where they are—in a time of need—will create opportunities and challenges that help you grow. Being able to say “yes” when a family has exhausted other options is a unique and amazing function of this great work. Your dedication to faith and service will reinforce the quality of care your business provides.

Community Education And Growth: The majority of older adults and people living with disabilities want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. The problem, though, is most of them don’t know that resources are available. The opportunity for you is to share education and resources with families and community partners, including places of worship, neighborhood gatherings, and more.

Helping Your Neighbors: Home care has a few audiences. The ones you’ll most closely engage are employees/caregivers and clients. On the client side, you get to help move lives forward. From companionship and meal preparation, to errands and transportation, your team gets to be on the front lines of this vital support. On the caregiver side, you provide employment and growth opportunities in a field that gives back to their hearts and souls too. By leading your organization with integrity and drive, your caregivers will follow your direction and guidance.

As an organization, we stand behind a robust reputation of service, providing end-to-end support from the very beginning. We’re committed to seeing you succeed.

Embrace The Spirit Of The Season

As we continue through the holiday season, if business ownership is on your mind going into next year, we hope you’ll consider the immense value in owning a SYNERGY HomeCare franchise. Our commitment is to care for all, including every client, caregiver, team member, franchise partner, and of course, you.

Business ownership with SYNERGY HomeCare allows you to spread joy to all. Make a difference this holiday season and all year round, all while integrating your faith in everything you do.

Discover the joy and fulfillment faith-based entrepreneurs feel when joining the SYNERGY HomeCare family by contacting us today.